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Relax Your Body
Refresh Your Mind

Professional clinic that offers medical massage, deep tissue massage and swedish massage.
Caters to patients with physical pain, stress, athletes, and anyone looking to relax.


Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue massage works on specific points in the body to release muscle tension. This method of massage is healing and can help solve strain, pain, and chronic issues.

Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage promotes overall health and reduces tension in the body. This method is for people searching for a relaxing and pampering session.

Reflexology is based on the belief that the whole body is reflected in the bottom of the foot. Through the application of pressure, we can work on specific areas represented in the body to bring homeostasis to all bodily systems and problematic areas.

Additional Treatments: Cupping, Hot Stones


Hours and Location





Sun - Thurs: 9 - 19:00
​​Friday: 9 -12:00


Yishuv Chashmonaim 

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